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Coach with Remco

Is Coaching Right For You?

Some readers have asked me if I can help them with some online coaching. I am most willing, if you want to talk about your work in sports, one on one, to get expert advice.

If up to now you’ve done everything yourself, spend hours of reading on sport management, but still feel that you’re not on that level, I am sure coaching is a powerful tool that you’re probably ready for.

Who Should Coach With Me?

You’re a volunteer in sports, ready to accept feedback, make a plan and take big action towards real measurable goals. If that describes you, you’re someone I want to work with.

Who Should NOT?

Anyone looking for someone else to do all the thinking. If you’re not willing to bring equal effort to our sessions, you’ll never be able to handle the challenges sports bring.

If you’re a habitual procrastinator and make excuses instead of making time to get something done, you will not enjoy coaching with me.

What topics can we cover?

I have done different studies in Sports Management (BA and Masters), and therefore can help you with a wide variation of topics. The most popular topics are:

  • Sports Marketing/ Double your sponsors
  • Branding/ Make it Emotional, Visual
  • Strategic Management/ Plan ahead
  • Social Media/ Your online image

How to START?

Just contact me here, and I’ll get back to you on the possibilities.