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Make your goals S.M.A.R.T !

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If you are part of a sport organization, you are probably participating in meetings. I want to ask you to analyze the next couple of...

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7 steps to get sponsors while you promote your athletes

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The main reason why sport organizations exist SHOULD be to facilitate the athletes. I am sure that many sport administrators do not live...

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How to get sponsors in sports

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During my work, both as a volunteer and as a professional in sports, the most frequent question I get is how a sports organization can get...

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Sponsorship ideas

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The main goal for many small sport organizations is to attract sponsors. The costs of the different annual events can then be covered, and...

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How To Find Sponsors For Small Sport Organizations

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Let’s face it, as sport administrators of small Sport Organizations we are in constant search for sponsorships. There are lots of...

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Why Sports Sponsorship is better than Advertising

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Sponsorship and advertising are both marketing tools that strategically apply to different situations. There are however usual times when...

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