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Sports Illustrated winner Kids of the year 2012

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I normally don’t pay so much attention to the nomination of the Sports Illustrated prizes of the year, as they normally go to the...

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Sport Management Interview

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The beauty of the internet is that if you are open to it, you can make connections with very kind people. I always look out to connect...

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Changes in Sports

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Here is a short 3 minute video about a theoretical framework on change.   Read the text So hi guys, this is just a short video. It’s...

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Interview Devon Harris “Keep Pushing”

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It is always interesting to see what direction former elite/ Olympic athletes take with their career, after their sporting career. Most of...

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Managing risk in sports

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Whenever we work in sports, be it as a volunteer or a professional, the top priorities are the day to day work. We don’t start with...

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Multi tasking in sports

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This is just a short video, where I show you a simple test to analyze whether multi tasking on the job, at home, or in sports is as...

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