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The biggest sportmanagement mistake in small organizations

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I am sure that you recognize this: A motivated group of people, most of the time headed by an amateur coach (=passionate sports lover),...

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Make your goals S.M.A.R.T !

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If you are part of a sport organization, you are probably participating in meetings. I want to ask you to analyze the next couple of...

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Readers Interview: Nahid Karimi (Iran)

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In order to create an online platform to exchange information between our readers, we’ve started with interviews with our readers....

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10 Management lessons from the Olympics

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During the beginning of August I attended the Olympic Games in London, which were my second Olympics. My first experience were four years...

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Characteristics of a Sports Manager

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This Mastermind Sports Management is an online international group of professionals. On a monthly basis they will share their opinion on a...

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