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Readers Interview: Sanjaye (Mauritius)

In order to create an online platform to exchange information between our readers, we’ve started with interviews with our readers.

They all work in sports, and therefore have experience to share with all of us.


Name: Sanjaye Goboodun

Country: Mauritius

Function within your sport organization:

  • 1st Vice President NOC Mauritius
  • President National Olympic Academy
  • Co Chair Sport & Environment Commission
  • Secretary Mauritius Badminton Association

Current employer: Chemical Engineer

Most practiced sports in Mauritius: Football


1.How did you come involved in your sport organization, and what kind of tasks/functions do you have?

Well I started my sport life as a badminton athlete. Had to stop sport career due to academic studies and joined in again as technical official and administrator. Afterwards through various stages I got elected in the National Olympic Committee (NOC).
Within the badminton association I have to look over the secretarial aspects of the board meetings and office duties. At the NOC I am mainly responsible for promotion of Olympic values throughout our sporting realm.

2. What is the biggest challenge you currently have?

Our biggest challenge here is to provide athletes the needed environment for them to prosper. It is not always easy to have all complementary requirements that the sport organization /athletes need to succeed. There will always be some missing links and we, as administrators, have to manage with what we have and make thing happens.

3. People often underestimate being a volunteer working in sports management. What do you think are the most important characteristics for a volunteer responsible for sports administration?

I firmly believe that the most important aspect for us volunteers is to self questioned our commitment taken towards our sport organization.
Voluntarism is not imposed. It is a choice and in doing so we have to be committed. It doesn’t take great men or women to do great things, just those who are greatly dedicated to doing them!

4. Does your sport organization make use of facebook, social media and websites ?

Unfortunately use of social media or websites is quite limited here in Mauritius. It’s not that we don’t have the necessary devices or know-how but we still need to be more organized, structured and professional in introducing these tools as a means of disseminating information and communication with our stakeholders.

5. Do you have any favorite sport management resources (books, films, magazines or websites?)

Resources and community of practice developed through the Olympic Solidarity MEMOS study (Executive Sports Management) that I have followed years back have greatly influenced my way of thinking on sport management.

6. What do you think are the most important characteristics for a volunteer responsible for sports administration?

Enthusiasm, Commitment and Values – based involvement.

7. How do companies and potential sponsors see your sport? And how does this affect your approach towards them?

Sport sponsorship is not so well developed in our country due to many factors such as – no tax rebate incentives from government, negative image of some sport federations, poor sponsorship marketing by sport leaders.
To approach sport sponsors we need firstly to ensure that our product i.e. our organization and/or the event, is ‘clean’. Meaning that sponsors are willing to associate themselves with us. Secondly the way we present or sell the product is important. We should know how to ask and what to ask. Last but not least, we should clearly show the potential sponsor what they will benefit in partnering with our organization.
Unfortunately, sponsorship in our country is still dependant in personal contacts and familiarity bonds that members have with business leaders.

8. What do you consider as biggest threat for your sport, and why?

Biggest threat nowadays is to get youngsters interested in ‘physical sports’. More and more we see our youngsters playing video games sports rather than actually practicing sports as a competitive activity.

Also for small country like Mauritius, an athlete has little professional career prospects and as such competitive sport practice does suffer.

9. Where do you see your sport in 10 years? Will you still be part of the organization?

We are doing our best to upgrade and develop our sport. We have to move and adapt to changing environment and provide athletes with their updated needs to ensure the continuity of the sport. I really wish to be still here in 10 years time or more to see our organization on top.

10. What else would you like to share with the online readers of www.sportmanagement.cc ?

Stay in touch with this link and share our common knowledge for the promotion of our sport organizations and in the interest of our athletes.

“Even if everyone says you don’t stand a chance, don’t give up your dreams”.


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