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Web interview with Tracy Evans

This is a interview I recently did with three time Olympian Tracy Evans. She is owner of AthleteSource Casting, but does quite some nonprofit organizational work in sports in Utah, Rwanda and Malawi (Africa).

What fascinated me about Tracy’s story is that she is living a “3 dimensional life” in sports:

  •  as an athlete
  • as a professional
  • as a volunteer

Management is part of all these dimensions, and therefore I approached Tracy for this interview.

In the first part of the webinterview, Tracy talks about her company AthleteSource Casting, and the organization of the Golden Games. She also gives some tips to consider, when organizing a fundraising event.


The second part of the web interview starts with the promo video of the project Kids Play International, and than continues with Tracy elaborating on this project.



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One Comment

  1. Wow, it’s a blessing to get to hear your story, Tracy, keep up the good work! One day I would like to learn how to ski, seeing as we will be living near Colorado, that will be good opportunity for me to learn, but thanks for being an inspiration, and you rock! 🙂